SmartMunk launched free co-creation software

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Aachen, 13.08.2013. The Startup SmartMunk, one of the first software as a service provider in the market research industry, has launched the free co-creation software FeedMap.


FeedMap is a do-it-yourself survey tool which gives you rich feedback on anything that may be visualized. Under anyone has the possibility to quickly present images, e.g. a product, a package, a website, an advertisement or any other communication concept to his friends, acquaintances or business partners. The respondents are allowed to evaluate them by expressing interactively and intuitively what they think and feel. The cloud-based software collects “voice-of-the-customer” pixel-precisely right there where the thoughts arise.


The results of the survey are shown in a heatmap at a glance and provide directly actionable results. With the automatic visual and textual summary, the strengths and weaknesses of the concept are quickly recognizable for everyone. FeedMap offers you a unique picture of what moves the consumer.

In a gallery on the website, the results can be published. In addition to the free version, SmartMunk offers different licenses with which the results can be hold private and which allow to select many other features.

The SmartMunk GmbH was founded in 2012 by Andera Gadeib & Volker Gadeib and is directed by Thomas Watz. Andera Gadeib is also the founder and CEO of the international market research company Dialego, a pioneer in the web-based market research. The intuitive software FeedMap has been successfully used for many years by many customers as a full service at Dialego.

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