SmartMunk Launches Complimentary Software for Text Analysis

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Aachen, June 23 2015  As of now Software Supplier SmartMunk offers enhanced software for text analysis with a complimentary entry license. „ enables companies to strongly understand the needs of their customers focusing consequently at the market with the result of increasing customers`loyalty. This aspect gains relevance in times of fast proceeding digitalization, says Andera Gadeib, founder of SmartMunk. analyses customer`s feedback at the push of a button e.g. from responses to customer service, continuous customer satisfaction surveys or reviews on online portals. The analysis software reduces complexity of all rich and unstructured text data and instantly delivers the key messages. The “story behind” may be explored interactively in the online report

A manual aggregation of texts is no longer to bother with. Time- and cost savings are enormous.  That way companies realize faster what customers are affected by and may react in better time. This provides a basis for confidence and strengthens customer relations.

Try By using the free trial you simply visualize your own text data in seconds. All features of the tool are available, we just limit the number of texts in the report.

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