Awarded with BITMi seal of quality

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Aachen, July 2016 The young software provider SmartMunk from Aachen is awarded with the seal of quality “Made in Germany” from the “Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V.” (BITMi). Dr. Oliver Grün, BITMi-president and member of the executive board of the GRÜN Software AG, handed over the seal of approval to Volker Gadeib, the executive director. The text analysis software, the FeedMap co-creation tool and brand development and analysis BrandSculpture are characterized by user friendliness, flexibility, a sophisticated design and cost efficiency. In addition, the products are flanked to a competent customer service and because it has proven itself already successfully in practice.

„Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V gives the seal of quality for ‘Software Made in Germany’, to stress about the quality of German software products”, said the laudation of BITMi president. compresses unstructured text quantities at the push of a button and directly defines core statements. Applicable FeedMap provides intuitive web software where the businesses can seek customer opinions on new products, promotions, websites and packaging – in all languages and all over the world. BrandSculpture visualizes the complex relationship structure of a consumer to products or brands, according to the principle of the family list.

According to the BITMi, the quality seal “Software Made in Germany” is a valuable marketing tool for the certified company. “We are very pleased about the award of the BITMi quality seal for our 3 Software Products”, Volker Gadeib emphasized. “The award “Software Made in Germany” confirms our good positioning and the quality of work from Germany. We want to do this and will continue to expand to new markets in the national and international business.”

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