Alternative to A/B testing: design development and feedback.

A/B testing is a common practice for marketing researchers and designers alike.

It is an experiment in which two versions of a design are shown to the same audience and the version that produces better results (e.g., higher click-through rates) is used as the final product. Most often, A/B testing in design development is about landing page conversions or marketing campaigns.

Why is it so popular? The A/B testing process usually helps simplify design development because it allows for a lot of experimentation. It also gives designers an objective answer to what works and what doesn’t, which means they can focus on developing stronger campaigns and websites.

However, it can also be applied to many other aspects of web design, such as headers, logos, color schemes, website images, etc.

However, with A/B testing you don’t get qualitative conclusions about individual sub-areas and the why? often remains unexplained.

With FeedMap we would like to present you an alternative to A/B Testing. Through direct visual feedback you get detailed information about individual areas of each design variant. In the intuitive heatmap display, you can see at a glance which areas are working well, or not so well.

Pixel-perfect feedback

Any number of participants can select areas of your design variants with pixel precision and rate them positively or negatively, as well as comment on them freely.

Feedback from all participants in a single overview.

Feedback allows you to quickly identify and respond to issues that may arise during the design development process.

Heatmap evaluation

In the evaluation, you can see the areas evaluated by the participants as semi-transparent areas directly on your design variants.

This gives you an intuitive overview of which areas work well or less well.

Text Mining – powered by Storyly

The feedback on the free text comments on individual areas is evaluated by our integrated text mining software and you can recognize the key messages at first glance.

Qualitative feedback from all participants in a single view is the best way to identify issues that may arise during the design process.

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All components of our software solutions are developed on site in Aachen and are also operated exclusively in the local data center. This allows us to guarantee maximum security with regard to your data. At the same time, we are also able to offer the highest possible data protection conformity.

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A/B testing is a common way for design development.

Direct visual feedback is often a better alternative. FeedMap is the tool of choice because it provides instant, real-time feedback on how people react to your designs and changes to interface elements. With this information at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions about what works best.

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Alternative to A/B testing: design development and feedback.

Alternative to A/B testing: design development and feedback.

Alternative to A/B testing: design development and feedback.