Test variations of your designs and get pixel-perfect feedback with advanced design testing software.

Regardless of the area in which you develop designs: Meaningful feedback and testing are part of any professional process.

However, implementation can be challenging, as feedback on variants is often subjective and difficult to evaluate.

With FeedMap, we offer you a design testing software that provides you with intuitively understandable evaluations in real time.

Pixel-perfect feedback

With FeedMap, after you have created your project with all your design variants in a few simple steps, you can invite any number of participants. They then have the ability to select pixel-perfect areas in your design templates, rate them positively or negatively, and comment freely.

Intuitive heatmap evaluation

You can track participant feedback in real time. Positive or negative feedback is displayed as a semi-transparent heatmap in the appropriate colors, directly on your design variant. So you can see exactly and at first glance which areas are well or less well received.

Qualitative feedback

With the free text comment function, our design testing software offers the possibility to receive qualitative feedback on your design variants.

Text Mining powered by Storyly

Parallel to the intuitive heatmap evaluation, you receive an AI-supported evaluation of the free text comments. Through components that are also used in our text mining software Storyly, we provide you with an evaluation of the participant feedback.

Mini survey included

Using the design testing software is completely anonymous for your participants.

However, FeedMap also gives you the option to preface the evaluation of design variants with a mini-survey. This gives you, for example, the opportunity to query categories such as age or interests. All evaluations can then be filtered according to the categories you freely define.

Made in Aachen

FeedMap is a browser-based online software and can be used completely anonymously by your participants.

All components are not only designed, developed and tested on site in Aachen, but are also operated exclusively in the local data center. Thus, we offer you the highest possible security for your data and at the same time guarantee optimal data protection compliance.

More information and personal consultation

Learn in a free webinar how you can get meaningful feedback on your design variants with FeedMap, as a design testing software.

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Design Testing Software

Design Testing Software

Design Testing Software