Test your logo variations with FeedMap and get direct visual feedback in the intuitive heatmap analysis.

As part of professional design processes, visual tests are also carried out. Especially when creating logos, this point should be given special weight.

Logos are often tested in the context of a survey, in which opinions on individual variants are gathered. With FeedMap’s patented technology, participants can select pixel-precise areas, rate them positively or negatively and comment freely. In the intuitive heatmap analysis, you can track in real time which areas were rated and how. By means of integrated text analysis – powered by Storyly – you also simultaneously receive a high-quality semantic text analysis through modern text mining algorithms.

Integration or standalone operation

FeedMap can be integrated into existing survey software as easily as it can be used in standalone mode as a completely independent software.

As browser-based software, you can use Feedmap completely platform-independently in your design testing process and get truly meaningful visual feedback.

Take your logo testing to a new level with visual feedback software from SmartMunk. Our patented software has been used for years in over 800 projects by well-known companies.

Test FeedMap now with content of your choice for free and without obligation.

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Security and Data Protection Compliance / DSGVO

Our software is developed and operated on-site in Aachen, Germany. By constantly updating the highest security standards, we are able to guarantee you maximum data security and data protection compliance.

Furthermore, participants can use FeedMap completely anonymously and without registration or login.

Use modern design test possibilities in the context of your logo development and benefit from direct visual feedback in the form of our intuitive heatmap representation. Decode the content from free text comments on specific areas with modern text mining software and intuitively recognize strengths and weaknesses at first glance.

Logo test with heatmap analysis

Logo test with heatmap analysis

Logo test with heatmap analysis