Whether you are developing an entirely new product, or refining an existing packaging design, design testing is a critical step to your product’s success.

With FeedMap, we offer you an innovative software solution that allows you to get pixel-perfect feedback on your packaging design. And from as many participants as you like.

Design tests with FeedMap can be implemented in no time thanks to the following proven and simple process:

  • Upload any visual content to FeedMap, such as images of your design variations for a new product packaging.
  • Optionally add as many questions as you like, in the form of a mini-survey, to query demographic data or similar.
  • Send the link generated by FeedMap to as many participants as you like, they can then take part in your design survey without any further steps or registration.
  • In addition to answering the questions defined by you, participants have the possibility to mark pixel-precise areas of your design variants, to rate them positively or negatively and to comment freely.
  • With FeedMap’s intuitive heatmap display, you can track your participants‘ feedback in real time and, thanks to the color-coded areas, see at a glance which aspects of your design are well or less well received by the target audience.
  • You can filter and categorize feedback received according to your defined questions and answers and, for example, narrow down the target group according to demographic characteristics.
  • Your participants‘ comments on the individual areas are automatically evaluated by our integrated text mining software – powered by Story.ly. This gives you a real-time overview for qualitative feedback. Core topics and statements can be recognized at first glance.

Put an end to misunderstandings.

Optimize your packaging designs at an early stage and achieve maximum success with your target group.

Data security and data protection

All components of our software are developed on site in Aachen and are also operated exclusively in the local data center. This ensures maximum security with regard to your data. Furthermore, we can also offer you the greatest possible conformity with regard to data protection guidelines such as the DSGVO.

Further questions

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We would be happy to show you in a free webinar how you can use FeedMap for your next design development and how you can optimize your packaging designs or any other visual content through quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Packaging design testing

Packaging design testing

Packaging design testing