The first and most important step in developing a successful design is to understand your target audience.

Without this knowledge, you will have to guess when it comes to what they expect from your design and how they will respond to the content you deliver. A/B testing is one way to understand user preferences, but there are other methods that can make the process even more efficient. FeedMap is an innovative tool that allows you to get direct feedback on visual content from any number of participants.

Usability Tests

In so-called usability tests, users and their reactions to design changes are observed and analyzed in different ways. In addition to quantitative surveys, this method also offers the possibility of obtaining qualitative feedback. However, the evaluation can be challenging, as the documentation and analysis is resource-intensive.

A/B tests

The most popular variation of a usability test, an A/B test is based on the principle of presenting two versions of a design to different groups. The goal is to understand which version works better and why. However, this type of experiment can be costly in terms of both time and money

In A/B testing, design changes can also be tested on the fly. One part of the users continues to be shown the original version, while another part is provided with a modified version. Based on the analysis of the user behavior, certain quantitative surveys and corresponding statements about the potential benefit of the design change can be made.

Variant tests

Within the scope of logo tests, the so-called variant tests are often used. Within the framework of conventional surveys, the participants are presented with different variants of the design in question and feedback is obtained either analogously or digitally. However, the difficulty here is that feedback can often only be given on the entire variant, or that qualitative feedback from open questions is complex to evaluate.

Variant tests offer a simple way for quick qualitative studies. The goal is to give users a number of design variants so they can choose their preferred version or choose between two versions

FeedMap is designed to make it easier for you – with just one click you can run your visual tests and get feedback from any number of participants in real time!

Direct Visual Feedback

With FeedMap we would like to introduce an innovative alternative solution for your design tests.

You can upload any visual content, such as text, images or diagrams, to FeedMap and then invite any number of participants* to provide their feedback on it.

They can select pixel-precise areas on the variants and rate them positively or negatively. In addition, it is possible to comment freely on the selected areas.


Heatmap analysis

In the intuitively understandable heatmap display, you can see the respective positively or negatively marked areas as semi-transparent areas directly on your design. This allows you to see at first glance which areas are well or less well received – in real time during the ongoing survey.

Design tests with FeedMap are guaranteed to be successful because participants can use their own devices and provide direct feedback in real time.

Smart text analysis

Analysis of open-ended comments is also done in real-time and with AI support. Through our integrated text mining solution – powered by Storyly – you also get an intuitively understandable evaluation of the qualitative feedback from the comments. This makes key statements visible at first glance and allows you to obtain valuable insights without much effort in the evaluation. A key component of the FeedMap solution is the ability for participants to provide feedback in real time.

FeedMap combines AI with a user-friendly yet powerful interface and can be used on any device. The innovative text mining system provides at-a-glance insights into what participants* are saying that matters.

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FeedMap gives you a simple yet powerful tool for testing design, color and text

Here’s how FeedMap works: You upload your new logo or visual content to Feedmap’s website, call participants with our easy-to-use interface, and start collecting qualitative feedback in no time.

Successful design testing with FeedMap

Successful design testing with FeedMap

Successful design testing with FeedMap