Take your concept testing to the next level with software solutions from SmartMunk.

To get from a good idea to a successful implementation, you need a good concept. This is usually tested in different variants in the target group. SmartMunk offers professional software solutions to enhance your concept tests with valuable qualitative insights.

Direct visual feedback with FeedMap

FeedMap is the software solution for direct visual feedback. Simply upload your content in the intuitive, browser-based user interface. Whether it’s visual or textual content, it doesn’t matter. Then invite your participants to select pixel-perfect sections of the concept using patented technology and rate them positively or negatively and comment freely. Integration into existing survey software is just as easy as use as standalone software. You then receive several levels of evaluation on the convenient dashboard.

In the transparent heatmap display, you can see at first glance which areas of your concept were evaluated positively or negatively.
With AI-supported text analysis – powered by Storyly – you can identify the core topics of user comments.

AI-powered text analysis with Storyly

You can also use our patented text analytics solution for any user or customer feedback received elsewhere in text form.

Do you conduct concept tests in the form of interviews or receive feedback in the form of emails, comments or similar?
Simply upload your collected feedback to Storyly and get a comprehensive analysis of the topics that move your participants in just a few moments.
With the help of AI and patented algorithms, Storyly provides you with intuitively understandable reports. Decode the voice of your participants and ensure that you can optimize your concepts in a targeted manner to ensure the greatest possible success.

Privacy and security

Our software is developed in Aachen, Germany, and is also operated locally, taking into account the highest security standards.

Furthermore, a completely anonymous use is possible. In addition to maximum security, we therefore also guarantee the highest possible data protection conformity.

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Testing concepts

Testing concepts

Testing concepts