Getting early feedback on individual variants is an important part of any professional design process.

However, evaluation can bring its own challenges.

With FeedMap we offer you an extremely effective and well-tested method to easily receive and evaluate feedback – from as many participants as you like.

FeedMap is a browser-based online software. Therefore, you and your participants only need an up-to-date web browser and an internet connection.

Upload any visual content (such as images, text or diagrams) to FeedMap and invite as many participants as you like to give you feedback on the individual variants.

Pixel-perfect feedback

Participants can select pixel-precise areas on your content and rate them positively or negatively and comment freely.

Intuitive heatmap evaluation

You receive an overview of incoming feedback in real time, in the form of an intuitively understandable heatmap representation. In this heatmap, feedback is displayed as correspondingly color-coded, semi-transparent, overlapping areas directly on your design variants. This allows you to see at first glance which areas are well or less well received.

Qualitative feedback included

Through the free text comment function, you also receive valuable qualitative feedback on your design variants. Thanks to our integrated and AI-supported text mining software – powered by Storyly – you also directly receive an evaluation of your participants‘ comments. Core statements and topics are thus visible at first glance and feedback from any number of participants is presented in an intuitively understandable way.

Mini survey and segmentation

FeedMap also gives you the option of prefacing the visual feedback with a survey. Use predefined questions, such as gender or age, or create any question and answer combination.

Each feedback received can then be filtered according to the selected categories, providing you with further valuable insights.

Decision-making process made easy

Through the evaluations on several levels, we facilitate your decision-making process with regard to the right design variant decisively and save you the effort of a manual evaluation.

Anonymous use

The use of FeedMap is completely anonymous for your participants. FeedMap does not require any registration or login on the part of your participants.

Made in Aachen

All software components are developed by us on site in Aachen and operated in the local data center. This way we can guarantee maximum security for your data and at the same time offer maximum data protection conformity.

Test FeedMap now for free

You can test FeedMap free of charge for an unlimited period of time. Simply register without obligation.

Further questions?

Or do you have further questions? We would be happy to show you in a free webinar how you can use FeedMap for your design process and effectively test design variants.

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Testing design variants

Testing design variants

Testing design variants