Realize your next interactive installation based on REVRT.
With state-of-the-art computer vision technology and AI support.

Flexible use

Whether in surveys or survey projects, or for conveying complex information: REVRT offers, through its flexible scenario concept, possibilities for a wide range of applications. With customized software, we provide the perfect basis for your interactive installation.

AI-supported interaction

On the lower tabletop, objects can be freely placed and recognized by means of computer vision technology. The objects, as well as the software and the display, are developed according to your wishes and thus make even complex interactions playfully possible. Conventional touch screen solutions quickly reach their limits. REVRT is the basis for interactive installations on the next level.

Design surveys in a playful way

Minimize barriers for participants of all ages and at the same time increase the enthusiasm and engagement of your participants through playful interfaces. Whether employee surveys, citizen surveys or market research projects – with REVRT we provide you with the basis to break new ground in your next project and thus significantly improve data quality and quantity.

AI-supported object recognition

Objects are created according to your wishes and the recognition is trained individually accordingly. With the latest computer vision technology, you are technically playing in the first league and clearly stand out from conventional touch screen solutions, which often offer no real added value to online surveys.

Hardware and software made in Aachen

All hardware components are manufactured here on site – but also our software is developed in Aachen and also operated in the local data center. This means that we not only guarantee you the maximum quality of all components, but also the greatest possible data security.
Furthermore, with our solutions you are also on the safe side as far as data protection conformity is concerned.

Further information

Would you like to learn more about how REVRT can help you get your digital interactive installation up and running quickly?

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