Impress at your next trade show appearance with a digital interactive exhibit based on REVRT.

Our interactive table recognizes an unlimited number of objects with state-of-the-art computer vision technology and AI support. This allows you to convey complex information in a playful way or design surveys in an innovative way.

Fully customizable

Here, the software for the respective application scenario is developed completely according to your wishes. and physical objects we can create with 3D printing exactly according to your specifications.

Customized solutions for your trade fair presentation

Since all hardware components are also manufactured by us, they can also be customized exactly to your wishes or corporate identity.
REVRT offers here the basis for an efficient development of customized solutions for your next appearance.

Playful interaction

Increase the interaction of your participants by designing surveys in a playful way, making it easier for all age groups to get involved. Physical objects or game characters can be freely placed on the lower, interactive tabletop. Computer vision technology recognizes these and uses them as interactive input sources.

Hardware and software made in Aachen

All hardware and software components are developed and produced here in Aachen. On the one hand, this guarantees you the highest quality, which more than meets our and your requirements. On the other hand, we also ensure that your data is always optimally protected by adhering to the highest security standards.

By operating in a local data center, we also ensure maximum data protection compliance at every stage of development.

Mature concept

Don’t take a risk with immature hardware or software solutions for the development of your next trade show booth. With REVRT, you rely on proven technologies that can still be fully customized. Combine the advantages of individual development with those of existing and tested solutions and convince your visitors with an interactive exhibit based on REVRT.

Personal consulting

Do you have any questions about how REVRT can improve your next trade show appearance? We would be happy to explain all features to you during a personal appointment or a free and non-binding webinar.

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Simply contact us for an appointment. We look forward to helping you.

Interactive digital exhibits

Interactive digital exhibits

Interactive digital exhibits