Beyond Multitouch. Discover the benefits of state-of-the-art computer vision technology with REVRT.

With AI support and free multi-object recognition, REVRT opens up new dimensions of flexibility.

Customized solutions

Based on our patented hardware and software architecture, we offer you the possibility to perfectly adapt your table to your use case or corporate identity. Our scenario concept offers the possibility to develop tailor-made software for any application. Maximum efficiency.

Diverse application areas

For surveys or polling projects, such as employee and citizen polls or market research projects, for communicating complex information or your next trade show appearance. REVRT offers the perfect basis for this.

Computer Vision vs Multitouch

With conventional touch screen concepts, the input possibilities are limited and often rather unreliable. With computer vision technology, objects are recognized in real time using a high-resolution camera. At any distance and in any number. Thus, even complex questions can be answered in a playful way.

The physical objects are also developed and produced using 3D printing processes, tailor-made for your application.

Break down barriers, increase engagement

The playful approach of our interactive tabletop solution enables accessibility for all age groups and breaks down barriers. As a result, you get more valuable leads and data than is possible with many other technologies.

Hardware and software made in Aachen

The hardware components are designed and produced locally in Aachen. This ensures maximum flexibility in the implementation of your wishes. All software components are also developed on site and also operated in the local data center. Thus, we offer maximum security with regard to your data and additionally maximum data protection conformity. With our solutions made in Aachen, you are automatically on the safe side.

More than multitouch

V ecome away from overpriced multitouch solutions and take your next trade show appearance or survey project to a new level by using AI and state-of-the-art computer vision technology.

Personal Consultation

Would you like to learn more about REVRT? We would be happy to show you all features en detail during a personal appointment.

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Multitouch table vs computer vision

Multitouch table vs computer vision

Multitouch table vs computer vision