You have created new designs and want to compare designs in real time? Explore how they are received.

Want to redesign a product and know if it will be well received before it is produced?

The design team has created several variations and now one has to be chosen?

These questions can be answered with our FeedMap.

To do this, the designs to be compared are loaded into our tool and can be distributed to your target audience.

You can create a free trial account

for this purpose here.

If you have an account, see the documentation:

Then just share the link e.g. via your social media channels and get FeedBack.

The report is filled with new data in real time.

With an active community, this can create a favourite among your user base virtually overnight.

In this way, insights about your designs can be gathered within a very short time.

I have created a sample project, where you are welcome to test it out.

Here you can rate it.

Here you can look into the live report. 

Git it a try 🙂

Compare designs? It really has never been easier.

You’re convinced?Here you can find the price list, in case you want to test it in your own project.