Today I would like to demonstrate how you can test, or even compare, designs for free with FeedMap.

If you would like to test this too, a free version of FeedMap is available for this purpose. Our free versions are not linked to any obligations. So you don’t go straight into a paid model and there are no cost traps.


First, create a free account for our FeedMap here.

After clicking on Create Account, you will need to confirm by clicking on the verification link sent to you.

Create project

After you have logged in, you can click Start a new FeedMap to create a new project.

Projects are used to combine several images into logical units.

The project language is the evaluator language.

We have translated these for pretty much every language.

The tool language for the administrative user is always English.

After you have clicked on create, a project tile is created. Click on this to enter the setup.

On each page there is also a question mark at the top right, this explains what to do on the current view and where elements are located and what their functionality is.

In this view, you upload your images that are to be included in this project. If you just want to test and see the other menu options, click on one of the demo images. The images can also be exchanged later.

In the free account, the upload of images per project is limited to one.

I select the demo image with our logos for the subsequent steps and then click on Save.

Create codings

In the next step, codes can be placed on the image. These serve to distinguish between certain areas in the analysis.

I will put areas on the logos and on the writing.

In the next step, it makes sense to activate the mini-survey, because you also want to know who evaluates the designs.

To do this, activate the Project setup option in the menu, in the Advanced settings tab.

Per klick auf Save speichert man.

Click on Save to save.

In order for the survey to work, so-called case categories must be added. Select the item Case categories from the menu.

You can then select the Add demo categories button to add sample categories, which you can always change or adapt later.

This adds the categories Age and Gender to the selection.

Generate participant link

Now you need the link for the participants so that they can also rate the whole thing, this can be copied on the project overview page under the point Share

The link can be sent directly by e-mail via the form or sent to selected persons.

If you use the link, you will land on the design evaluation:

Show results

The results can be followed live. The link can be found under View results.

There you can compare the different designs in different views and check what people like or dislike about them.

The anonymised categories are displayed for the comments. These come from the mini-survey.

In the free version, one design can be uploaded per project. Up to 25 people can rate there.

Is the free account convincing? Would you like more than one design? You can view our pricing here.

For further questions, feel free to call (+49 241 97828 200), or email (

We also welcome any feedback, be it positive, negative, or even a request for new features!

Here you can view the complete setup documentation of our FeedMap!