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SmartMunk offers you patented and AI-powered analytics software solutions.
Take your evaluations to the next level with our design and text analytics tools and analyze any form of visual or text content and get qualitative insights and direct feedback. Improve your customer relationships sustainably and decode the voice of your customers.

Text Analysis Software

With Storyly, we offer you a comprehensive browser-based text analysis software with which you can evaluate any content of a textual nature in a few simple steps.

Content analysis

Simply upload content from interviews, online forums or survey projects to Storyly and get insights into the core topics and their levels in just a few moments.

Review analysis

Decode valuable customer feedback from online interviews by using Storyly to make the core themes visible and thus decode the voice of your customers. Storyly provides you with a convenient analysis on your dashboard in no time using patented algorithms and AI support.

Design analytics

Test your visual content with FeedMap by getting direct feedback on any image content.
Simply upload visual content to FeedMap and invite participants to tag and rate image snippets, as well as leave direct feedback in the form of comments.
In the evaluation, thanks to the transparent heatmap display, you can immediately see which areas were well received or not so well received.

Concept analysis

Test concepts for comprehensibility by using FeedMap to receive precise, pixel-perfect feedback on individual sections.
Text content works just as well as images or other visual content.

Heatmap evaluation for ads

Take your next ad for a test drive and get valuable qualitative feedback that helps you optimize your campaigns.

Evaluation with AI-powered text analytics

Through our patented text analysis software solutions, you also benefit from semantic evaluation of comments in FeedMap. Identify key topics at first glance and decode the voice of the participants.

Analysis software for your survey projects

Take your next survey project to a new level by obtaining qualitative insights in addition to quantitative surveys using state-of-the-art analysis software.
Evaluate interviews, or free text input using Storyly, or enhance your surveys with visual feedback using FeedMap.

Integration with existing systems

Our analysis software solutions can be integrated into your existing system or used as standalone software.

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