SmartMunk provides software for qualitative insights in your next citizen or resident survey.

To truly communicate effectively with citizens and residents in your next survey project, you should rely on contemporary solutions that are equally intuitive to use by a wide range of age groups.

Expand the capabilities of your survey project with our software solutions.

AI-powered text analytics for advanced levels of analysis

With Storyly, our text analytics tool, and its patented hybrid technology, you are able to effectively quantify qualitative insights.
Discover the issues that engage participating citizens and residents.

Direct visual feedback with FeedMap

Use FeedMap as a software solution in your next resident or citizen survey to get direct feedback on any visual content.
Benefit from AI-powered text analysis in the evaluation here as well.
In addition, the heatmap display provides you with precise insights into the participants‘ ratings.

Break new ground in communication with our AI-powered hardware solutions

Use REVRT in your next survey project to effectively increase engagement and participation through a game-like approach and also to open up new dimensions of evaluation and corresponding insights.

App development and or integration into existing systems?

SmartMunk is your partner for the development of applications on all platforms as well as for the integration of innovative software solutions into existing survey software.
Using modern standards and extensive experience in interface development, we will find a customized solution for your next citizen or resident survey project.

Security and Data Protection

Our patented software solutions are developed in Aachen according to the latest security and data protection standards and are also hosted locally.
Of course, all our software solutions can be used completely anonymously to ensure maximum data protection compliance.

Expand your insights and evaluation levels with our AI-powered text analytics software solutions.

Get direct visual feedback and comments on specific areas in any visual content.

Take your next citizen survey participation to the next level with our AI-powered hardware solutions.

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