SmartMunk provides software for your employee surveys.

Regardless of whether you already conduct employee surveys on a regular basis or are just planning to do so as part of your organizational development, our software solutions offer you the opportunity to discover qualitative insights as another layer.
In addition to the usual quantitative surveys through which you can collect valuable data, with our tools we offer you the possibilities to take your insights to a new level through direct visual feedback and AI-supported text analysis.
Think of employee surveys as a communication tool towards your employees and don’t settle for just quantitative insights.

Visual Feedback with FeedMap

You can integrate our visual feedback tool directly into your existing survey software or simply use it as a standalone solution.
Test any visual content, textual or pictorial, by allowing your employees to rate and comment on freely selectable image sections.
Feedmap offers you multiple levels of evaluation of this direct and effective way of collecting feedback.

AI-powered text analytics with Storyly

Decode your employees‘ feedback by visualizing key themes at all levels with our AI-powered text analytics software.
Gain valuable insights about emotional issues your employees are dealing with.

New ways of communicating through hardware-based and AI-powered solutions

Want to find or establish new ways of communicating with your employees?
With REVRT, our AI-powered hardware solution, completely new levels of interactive communication with your employees are open to you.

The approach underlying the vast majority of employee surveys is to turn those affected into participants and thus create positive added value for your organization.
Take your next survey one step further than just gathering information. SmartMunk offers you the right tools to do so.

Integration into existing survey software is just as possible as use as standalone software.
Discover SmartMunk’s software solutions for your next employee survey. From direct visual feedback, to AI-powered text analytics, to hardware solutions. We’re sure to have the right solution for your organization.
Feel free to contact us for more information.

Anonymity and data protection

Of course, the use of our employee survey software solutions is completely anonymous.
Our patented solutions are not only developed in Aachen and thus „made in Germany“, but are also hosted in Aachen and thus offer all possibilities of data protection conformity.

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