Test design and logo variations, concepts, texts or any other visual content with FeedMap.

Visual feedback – pixel-perfect!

Test variants in detail and get feedback on freely selectable, pixel-precise areas. With our patented technology, participants are able to freely select, positively or negatively rate and comment on areas on any visual content.

Standalone or integrated solution

FeedMap is a browser-based software. That means you can use it completely platform independent. Integration into an existing survey solution is just as easy as independent operation as standalone software. Upload any content to FeedMap and invite your participants or integrate FeedMap into your existing survey.

Design Testing and Heatmap Analysis

Test as many variations of a design as you like with FeedMap and get direct visual feedback in real time. With the intuitive heatmap display, you can see positive or negative feedback for pixel-perfect areas at a glance.

Text analysis and text mining

Thanks to its advanced text mining engine – powered by Storyly – Feedmap is also able to semantically analyze your participants‘ feedback and make key themes instantly visible. Get truly valuable and detailed feedback in real time.

Software made in Aachen

Our software is not only developed on site in Aachen, but also operated in the local data center. This means that you – and your participants – are on the safe side in terms of security and data protection. Furthermore, participants can use the software completely anonymously.

Test FeedMap now for free

Do you have any questions about FeedMap, our solution for visual feedback and design testing, or would you like a detailed presentation of all features? We would be happy to help you in the form of a free webinar or a personal appointment. We also invite you to test FeedMap with content of your choice for free.

Call us: +49-241-97828-200 Drop us a line: info@smartmunk.com

Just contact us – we’ll be happy to show you how to take your next design test to the next level.

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Design testing and visual feedback

Design testing and visual feedback

Design testing and visual feedback