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Decode the voice of your customers, employees, citizens and survey participants in a few simple steps.
Analyze text content from any source and receive evaluations and intuitively understandable reports in realtime.

Free text analysis

Use free text fields in your surveys, survey projects or interviews and benefit from real-time qualitative insights with Storyly.

Text analysis

Analyze text content from any source with Storyly and receive semantic evaluations and intuitively understandable reports in just a few moments.

Review Analysis / Review Mining

Storyly automatically retrieves customer feedback from popular sales platforms and provides you with comprehensive reports. Track customer feedback on the timeline or in various reports.

Semantic Text Mining

Decode the voice of your customers and improve your customer relationships sustainably. Identify meaning and key themes, even in large amounts of data and text, in near real-time.

Survey Text Analysis

Evaluate text content from open-ended questions in a few simple steps – with modern text mining software. Open-ended questions can generate valuable qualitative insights in […]

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Evaluate open questions

Use open-ended questions in your surveys or survey projects and get qualitative insights in no time with our text mining software. In addition to quantitative […]

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Text Mining Online Software

With Storyly we offer you a convenient text mining online software. Get valuable insights and added value for your business or your next project in […]

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Text mining as a service

With Storyly, we provide you with valuable and comprehensive insights on any text content in no time at all. Use state-of-the-art text mining solutions and […]

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Free text analysis

SmartMunk provides text mining software for automated analysis of free text content in your next survey project or survey. Free text fields in questionnaires or […]

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Text mining software for the analysis of interviews

SmartMunk offers modern text mining software for the analysis of interviews. Whether in survey projects in online market research, citizen surveys, employee surveys or in […]

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Review mining

Decode the voice of your users and customers from any text content, such as online reviews, with AI-powered review mining software from SmartMunk. Whether you […]

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Semantic text mining

SmartMunks‘ Storyly is the state-of-the-art text mining software that makes meaning of your text content visible on different levels in no time. Use our patented […]

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Text mining software

Text mining software

Text mining software