With Storyly, we provide you with valuable and comprehensive insights on any text content in no time at all.

Use state-of-the-art text mining solutions and AI for your analyses without technical effort and with intuitive evaluations.

Using modern algorithms and AI support in the form of current NLP technology, Storyly analyzes your text content and provides you with results and real insights in multiple, intuitively understandable, views in real time.

For example, use open-ended questions in your survey and polling projects such as:

  • Market research projects
  • Employee surveys
  • Customer surveys
  • Citizen surveys

Or analyze customer feedback from sources such as:

  • Reviews and ratings
  • Forum posts
  • Support emails
  • Contact forms

Analyze any text content such as:

  • Manuscripts
  • Election programs
  • Manuals
  • E-mail newsletters

Our offer: Text Mining as a Service

With our offer „Text Mining as a Service“ we offer you – without any technical effort on your part – all possibilities to benefit from state-of-the-art text analysis technologies.

Using AI support in the form of state-of-the-art NLP pipelines and proven algorithms, we offer you the opportunity to make the meaning in your text content visible and intuitively understandable, and thus to obtain valuable insights that will sustainably improve your customer, employee or citizen relations.

Increase customer satisfaction

Decode the voice of your customers and improve customer relationships sustainably with our text mining as a service offering

Improve surveys

Take your surveys to the next level by leveraging open-ended questions and getting real-time qualitative insights with our Text Mining as a Service offering.

Privacy and Security

With our software made in Aachen, Germany, you are well positioned when it comes to data protection. Our software components are not only developed here on site, but also operated in the local data center.
Of course, by adhering to the latest security standards, we also offer you maximum quality in terms of your data security.

Get to know our Text Mining as a Service offering and learn at a personal appointment or a free webinar how it can add real value to your business in the form of valuable insights.

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Text mining as a service

Text mining as a service

Text mining as a service