SmartMunk offers hardware and software solutions to improve customer relationships.

Improve relationships with your customers sustainably with our software solutions and decode the voice of your customers with AI-supported text analysis software.

Whether reviews, emails or feedback forms – you can analyze any text with Storyly and immediately capture qualitative insights using the convenient analysis display.

In just a few simple steps, you can find out the core topics that your customers are concerned with and thus improve your customer relationships in the long term.

Storyly analyzes your text content with the help of AI and patented algorithms and offers an easy and reliable division of positive and negative feedback.

Analyze content from online forums, reviews or interviews by simply uploading the relevant documents to Storyly and get results and valuable qualitative insights in moments.

On the convenient dashboard, you can also see the change in positive or negative feedback on the timelines and track the effectiveness of changes or actions.

Good customer relations require a deep understanding of your customers.

Which issues engage your customers on a technical level, which on an emotional level?

Storyly’s patented algorithms and AI-powered analysis provide you with qualitative answers to these key questions in the shortest possible time.

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You may already have a considerable amount of customer feedback at your disposal, but the treasures hidden in it can only be recovered manually with considerable effort.

Rely on contemporary, automated solutions and use our AI-supported, patented software solution.

Security and data protection

Our software is not only developed here on site in Aachen, but is also hosted locally and is therefore not only „made in Germany“ but also meets the highest standards in terms of security and data protection compliance.

Learn now how you can significantly improve your company’s customer relationships with AI-supported software and qualitative insights.

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