SmartMunk offers you various software solutions to optimize your surveys and thus significantly improve your next survey project.

Add qualitative layers to your surveys with our AI-powered text analysis. Use open-ended questions alongside your qualitative surveys and discover important core topics in the form of qualitative insights with our hybrid technology. Or add visual content assessment as another layer to your survey project. You can also discover entirely new ways to survey with our patented hardware solutions.

Storyly – AI-powered text analytics.

Storyly uses patented hybrid technology to leverage both artificial intelligence and proven algorithms to analyze text content. Storyly is a browser-based software solution. Simply upload your text content in the convenient user interface and get engaging and meaningful results in real-time on the dashboard.
Decode the voice of your survey participants and add qualitative layers to your next survey project, alongside quantitative surveys.

FeedMap – direct visual feedback

Optimize your surveys by adding visual content as a layer.
FeedMap is also a browser-based software and can be operated as a standalone solution or easily integrated into existing survey software.
Upload any visual content and give the participants of your survey the opportunity to rate and comment on pixel-precise sections positively or negatively using patented technology.
FeedMap provides you with an intuitive, transparent heatmap display as well as AI-supported text analysis of the comment texts powered by Storyly.

Break new ground with AI-powered hardware solutions

Or go one step further and implement your next survey project with REVRT – our patented hardware/software solution.
Modern hardware makes surveys possible in an intuitive and fun way, significantly increasing engagement and participant enthusiasm.
Using artificial intelligence and computer vision technology, REVRT provides cutting-edge interaction capabilities for survey projects.

Security and Privacy

Our hardware and software solutions are not only developed here on site in Aachen, but also all associated server and cloud infrastructure is operated in the local data center.
This means that you can be sure that our solutions not only meet the highest security standards, but also ensure maximum data protection compliance.

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