SmartMunk enables you to boost marketing performance.

FeedMap is a simple, effective solution to involve consumers online in the optimization of concepts and to get feedback on a variety of visual templates, such as new product concepts, packaging, advertisements, websites and brochures.

FeedMap, for example is of interest for marketing, sales and product development in innovative companies such as market research companies and advertising agencies. FeedMap is used in more than 800 projects by well-known companies such as Ritter Sport, Lindt, Merz and Unilever for many years.

The software – made in DE – can be used worldwide.
FeedMap understands all languages ​​and offers a translation module. The new and unique nature of the technology has been corroborated by the obtainment of the U.S. patent in December 2013. Anyone can test FeedMap with the free trial and by upgrading, many more features are also available.

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Visual Feedback

Visual Feedback

Visual Feedback