REVRT – Real Environment Visual Recognition Technology

Detection and recognition of physical objects in real environments using computer-vision-technology and artificial intelligence.

Meet SmartMunks REVRT-table:
An integrated hardware solution that enables direct and playful communication with citizens, customers or employees.

With the use of modern web-technology, virtually any scenario can be displayed on the modular hardware components.
Tailored to your needs.

Make REVRT an effective tool in your communication strategy and collect valuable information and insights in realtime.
Areas of application include:

  • Inclusion of citizens in urban planning and development
  • Market research
  • Visualization of concepts
  • Citizens surveys
  • Interactive workshops
  • you name it

Please feel warmly invited to try REVRT for yourself right at „Haus Matthéy“ in Aachen Germany.
Or schedule an online meeting, we will be happy to give you virtual product-tour:

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Hardware / AI / Computer Vision

Hardware / AI / Computer Vision

Hardware / AI / Computer Vision