SmartMunks‘ Storyly is the state-of-the-art text mining software that makes meaning of your text content visible on different levels in no time.

Use our patented technology to apply high-level text mining using state-of-the-art algorithms and AI support to decode your text content.
Storyly allows you to easily upload any text content in the intuitive user interface and analyze it in moments. Storyly is able to identify the core topics and their semantic classification in just a few moments and make them available in qualitative reports. On average, 80% of the content is classified fully automatically, giving you immediate, valuable insights.

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Semantic Mining

With the help of modern algorithms and AI support, Storyly assigns all text content to semantic fields. This allows you to immediately recognize in which fields your text content is to be located. You can immediately recognize the characteristics of fields such as emotional, technical or similar.

Data Cleaning

With the help of an intuitive drag’n’drop interface, you are able to make semantic links that have not been recognized automatically – or that you want to adjust later – without spending a lot of time. This enables you to further increase the quality of the text mining and to refine the semantic analysis.

Review Analysis / Review Mining

Decode the voice of your customers, for example, by analyzing customer feedback (e.g. in the form of online reviews) with the help of modern text mining technology and thus obtain intuitive insights into the core topics of your customers. Improve your customer relationships sustainably by not simply differentiating between positive and negative feedback, but by analyzing the actual meanings on a semantic level and making them intuitively visible.

Content Analysis / Content Mining

Or use Storyly to analyze any other text content, such as election programs, interviews, manuscripts or instructions, and identify any weaknesses in the semantic breakdown at a glance.

Reports and presentations

Storyly offers you several ways of displaying the results of text mining. Whether in the form of network graphs, our patented semantic skyline or cluster representations – you can recognize connections and semantic fields at first glance.

Security and privacy

Our software text mining software, like all our software solutions, is developed and operated locally in Aachen, Germany.
And we do this in compliance with the latest and highest security standards. By operating on-site, we also provide you with maximum data protection compliance. In addition, it goes without saying that our tools can also be used completely anonymously.

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Storyly’s text mining capabilities are also included in our solution for direct visual feedback and heatmap analysis – FeedMap.

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Semantic text mining

Semantic text mining

Semantic text mining