Reinvent your surveys and survey projects and use the creative potential of your participants in co-creation processes.

All you need are the right tools to get valuable qualitative insights. SmartMunk offers a range of software and hardware solutions to support, enhance or fully design modern co-creation processes.

Free text and co-creation

Work with open questions and free text fields in your survey projects and give participants the opportunity to express themselves freely and creatively. Particularly in larger survey projects or surveys, the analysis is then associated with considerable effort or even cannot be performed manually.

With modern text mining and text analysis software, however, you can easily decode the voice of your participants and benefit from qualitative insights in the form of easy-to-understand reports in just a few moments.

SmartMunks‘ Storyly is a browser-based text mining software that – using modern algorithms and AI support – can semantically evaluate text content in no time and make the core topics visible in intuitively understandable reports.

Test Storyly now for free and without obligation with text content of your choice or contact us for more information or a free webinar in which we will be happy to present all Storyly features to you.

New directions for co-creation with hardware, computer vision and AI

Learn about SmartMunks‘ REVRT, the innovative hardware solution that lets you explore entirely new ways to survey and interact with citizens, employees, or survey participants. Using computer vision technology, participants can interact with physical objects on the tabletop, opening up exciting new ways to input and collect data.

Direct visual feedback in co-creation processes

Use FeedMap, our software solution for direct visual feedback, and enable participants in your survey projects to express their opinions and ratings in the most direct way on any visual content.
With the patented technology, they are able to mark and rate pixel-precise areas on any image or text content. Intuitive heatmap evaluation gives you real-time visual feedback. Learn more now about how you can use FeedMap in your co-creation process and improve it sustainably.

Security and privacy

Our software is developed and operated on-site in Aachen, Germany, in strict compliance with the latest security standards. This means that we offer you – and you your customers, employees or participants – not only maximum security, but also the highest possible data protection conformity.

Would you like to find out in detail how you can use our software and hardware solutions to support co-creation processes or carry them out completely?

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