SmartMunk offers modern text mining software for the analysis of interviews.

Whether in survey projects in online market research, citizen surveys, employee surveys or in other application areas – interviews as a means of qualitative data collection are sometimes complex to evaluate. Modern text mining software can be the tool of choice here.

Storyly is the text mining and text analysis software with which you, by means of modern algorithms and AI support, obtain semantic breakdown and thus meaning of your text content in attractive reports in just a few moments.

As a browser-based software, Storyly offers you easy ways to upload any text content in the intuitive user interface and get near real-time analysis in the form of multiple meaningful and easy-to-understand reports.

Use the qualitative content from open-ended interview questions and evaluate them using smart text mining software to decode the voice of your participants.

Multilingualism and translations

Storyly offers the possibility to use almost any language as input. High-quality translations are also available in near real-time. This solves a core problem of international survey projects in online market research, in which the analysis is often carried out centrally and time-consuming translation processes can lead to delays and additional financial expenses.

Use modern text mining software as a solution to make multilingualism an added value and to receive evaluations globally in real time.

Reports and evaluations

Obtain precise semantic evaluations in the form of our skyline representation, network graph or cluster analyses through AI-supported evaluations. Complex free-text responses from interviews, reviews or other content become immediately visible and understandable in your core content.

Use qualitative free-text content in your interviews and surveys without generating additional work.

Our patented software solutions are already used in numerous research and business projects. Benefit from the analysis possibilities of artificial intelligence and patented algorithms and bring your interview projects to the next level with modern text mining software from SmartMunk.

Software made in Germany

Our software is developed and operated exclusively here in Aachen, Germany, in compliance with the latest security standards. This allows us to guarantee you – and you your participants – maximum security and data protection compliance.

More information about our text mining and text analysis software solutions for your next survey project

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Text mining software for the analysis of interviews

Text mining software for the analysis of interviews

Text mining software for the analysis of interviews