Decode the voice of your users and customers from any text content, such as online reviews, with AI-powered review mining software from SmartMunk.

Whether you offer physical or virtual goods and services online, you can’t avoid reviews. In the best case, you use them to improve customer relationships in the long term. But how do you effectively analyze the volume of user feedback? Get to know Storyly and use SmartMunk’s patented review mining software to unearth your treasures in the form of valuable insights and sustainably improved customer relationships.

For example, our text analytics software is able to automatically retrieve and analyze reviews from popular sales platforms. Using artificial intelligence and modern algorithms, you receive an extensive semantic evaluation of the content. Recognize at first glance the core topics that move your users and customers. Storyly not only offers a classification into positive or negative feedback, but also an extensive semantic classification into further fields such as „emotion“ or „action“.

The network graph representation also allows you to see direct correlations between the terms used, giving you an intuitive understanding. Decode the voice of your customers now and test Storyly for free and without obligation with textual content of your choice.

Textual Content Mining

Whether reviews, forum posts, interviews, support emails or any other text sources. With the help of modern text mining technology, you can decode the core topics contained and improve your relationships with customers and users in the long term. Use the advantages of automated analysis and recognize in qualitative reports at a glance which topics are contained in your reviews and in which semantic fields they can be classified. Storyly offers several forms of analysis for this purpose. Recognize the weighting between areas such as „emotion“ or „action“ in the semantic skyline display at a glance. Find out in which areas your customers and users are particularly engaged.

Privacy and security

Our patented review mining software Storyly is developed here in Aachen, Germany, taking into account the latest security technologies. The software is also operated or hosted in the on-site data center. This means that we not only offer you maximum security, but also optimal data protection compliance.

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Review mining

Review mining

Review mining