Use open-ended questions in your surveys or survey projects and get qualitative insights in no time with our text mining software.

In addition to quantitative surveys, open-ended questions in surveys offer the opportunity to obtain qualitative feedback on the topic area. However, the evaluation can be a complex and therefore resource-intensive task.
But it doesn’t have to be.

With the help of automated text analysis and evaluation – so-called text mining – you can identify core statements of your text content in no time at all.

With Storyly, we offer you an intuitive, browser-based software that allows you to evaluate your text content from open-ended questions in the following simple and proven process.

Text Cleaning

With AI support, in the form of modern natural language processing, all text components are normalized and semantically classified according to their function. Afterwards, you can manually perform further steps, e.g. to add words to a deletion list or to change the categorization.

Ontology / Semantics

The categorization, or classification into so-called ontologies, is a core function of our text mining software. By means of patented algorithms, text components are classified into different categories according to their meaning. These form the basis for most evaluation levels.

In this way, you can grasp the meaning of your text content at first glance and obtain qualitative insights in real time.

The evaluation levels

Decode the answers to your open questions and identify the core content in no time.

Ontology Skyline

See the meaning of word groups at a glance in the intuitive skyline view.

Ontology Treemap

in the treemap representation you can get an improved overview of the segmentation of the text contents, with regard to the ontologies and semantic classification.

Network Map

In the Network Map you get an intuitive representation of the words in connection with each other. Stronger connections, for example, are represented by the strength of the links. You can interactively move nodes in this representation and thus dive into the exploration of your text content from open questions.

Made in Aachen

Especially with online or browser-based software solutions, the issue of data security and data protection compliance is often not transparently apparent. Our software is not only developed on site in Aachen, but also operated in a local data center. This means that you are on the safe side with regard to data security and data protection compliance.

Get to know Storyly

You can use Storyly for free for an unlimited time with a limited number of characters in your text content. If you need more quota, you can purchase it in the form of prepaid credit, or take advantage of our attractive subscription rates.

Further information

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Evaluate open questions

Evaluate open questions

Evaluate open questions