With Storyly we offer you a convenient text mining online software.

Get valuable insights and added value for your business or your next project in a variety of ways.

Possible use cases include:

Evaluation of feedback and open questions from e.g.

  • Market research projects
  • Employee surveys
  • Citizen surveys
  • Interviews
  • Support emails

Analysis of any text sources such as

  • Manuscripts
  • manuals
  • Newsletter archives
  • Emails

Instead of using valuable resources for time-consuming analysis, you would rather rely on modern text mining software.

Online Software – secure

To start using our text mining online software Storyly immediately, all you need is a web browser.

Your data is in the highest possible security at all times. Our software is not only developed on site in Aachen, but also operated in a local data center. This means that we not only guarantee you maximum data security, but also conformity with local data protection standards such as the DSGVO.

Intuitive evaluations in the blink of an eye

Simply upload any text content to Storyly and receive intuitive evaluations in near real-time.

Categorization based on ontologies
Using AI and patented algorithms, all components of your text content are categorized and grouped according to the appropriate ontologies.

In the form of our intuitively understandable representations, you can recognize core topics and content at first glance.

Decode the voice of your customers, employees or survey participants.

Possible views are:

Ontology skyline

Representation of the assignments color-coded and in intuitive skyline representation

Ontology Treemap

In the treemap view, you get further insights into the grouping according to the individual ontologies.

Content Cloud

With the classic Wordcloud, core statements can often be directly captured and intuitively conveyed.

Network Map

In the network map, the most frequently used words and their relationships to each other are displayed. The strength of the connection is also represented by the thickness of the connection between the points. The nodes can be moved and shifted interactively so that you can go deeper into the story of your text content.

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Text Mining Online Software

Text Mining Online Software

Text Mining Online Software