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SmartMunk enables you to create more liveable cities, increase customer loyalty and boost marketing performance. We offer solutions for city science and market research. We are happy to help.
Software made & hosted in Germany

I am very happy to recommend FeedMap. We have now used FeedMap for several international studies, and it is one of the best tools for analysing concepts that I have seen in my 20+ research years.”

Alison Sanders, Research Director Lieberman Research Worldwide, London

Co-Create design

Tweak your concepts, ads or packages


SmartMunk enables you to boost marketing performance. FeedMap is a simple, effective solution to involve consumers online in the optimization of concepts and to get feedback on a variety of visual templates, such as new product concepts, packaging, advertisements, websites and brochures. FeedMap, for example is of interest for marketing, sales and product development in innovative companies such as market research companies and advertising agencies. FeedMap is used in more than 800 projects by well-known companies such as Ritter Sport, Lindt, Merz and Unilever for many years.

 FeedMap visual concept check useability            FeedMap HeatMapFeedMap Report

The software – made in de – can be used worldwide. FeedMap understands all languages ​​and offers a translation module. The new and unique nature of the technology has been corroborated by the obtainment of the U.S. patent in December 2013. Anyone can test FeedMap with the free trial and by upgrading, many more features are also available.

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Have a look at the FeedMap demo videos


I n short tutorials you learn how FeedMap works. The first video shows the tool from respondent`s view. The other videos explain different methods of analysis: the heatmap, the text analysis and filter options.Video tutorials for FeedMap



Please quote for an individual offer for a single FeedMap project or project independent license.

„We are always looking for ways to collaborate with consumers in a fashion that’s engaging for them and useful to our clients. Feedmap fits the bill, with a simple, intuitive participant experience, and makes the process of both quantitative and qualitative analysis easy, productive, and engaging for our analysts and storytellers.”

Julie Wittes Schlack, Senior Vice President, Innovation, Communispace Corporation, Boston

Text Analysis

Customer’s voice effectively decrypted

S tory.ly is the next generation of customer satisfaction analysis. As a hybrid methodology, it quantifies the qualitative insights from consumer generated content. story.ly reduces complexity in rich datasets by automatically extracting meaning from text – in virtually any language. Data from different sources can be used, such as customer service feedback, online forums or regular customer satisfaction interviews via phone or online forms. Newly added: Gather product reviews from product shopping/review sites. story.ly is used by well-known companies such as Gruner + Jahr, A1 Telekom, infas Institute and IP Germany for many years.


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Please quote for an individual offer for a single story.ly project or project independent license.

Review Analysis

What people think about your product

By using story.ly text analysis software your customer reviews analysis gets fast, simple and effective. You will gain valuable insights for your process of product development or optimization. story.ly directly gathers your reviews including filter variables from seller platforms. Within seconds you see the story in your smart online report. The data cleaning interface is intuitive for everybody. Compatible to most current platforms.


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Satisfaction analysis

Customer Satisfaction is a valuable input for getting feedback to your products and services. SmartMunk enables you to increase customer loyalty. story.ly analyses these data within it’s unique techniques and gives you insights in beautiful reports. The dashboard view gives an easy and condensed access to the most important analysis views. All views are split into positive and negative texts and changes over time can be viewed from a timeline. Filters can be applied to reduce the views to cases you want to have a look at.


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“To my knowledge, story.ly has one of the best algorithms around for filtering relevant impulses.”

Prof. Dr. Frank Piller, Director of the Technology & Innovation Management Group at RWTH Aachen, Co-director of the MIT Smart Customization Group at MIT, USA

Munk’s Breaking News

12.2018 SmartMunk on the map for AI – Digital Summit 2018

German Digital Summit 2018: Shaping digital change together. The Digital Summit of the Federal Government in Nürnberg will focus on artificial intelligence (AI). We are very pleased that SmartMunk and our sister company Dialego are listed on the German AI map. The idea of the platform is to make visible how artificial intelligence is already changing today´s economy and everyday life. Read More

08.2017 Insights 2017

Andera Gadeib, founder of SmartMunk, speaks during the Planung & Analyse Insights 2017 conference on August 24, 2017 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Andera presents the textmining software story.ly and notes that the pre-sorting of text by means of a machine, that is an artificial intelligence, gives the researcher more time for the human being. Read More

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About us

Never heard of us? Here we are…

SmartMunk offers online software for optimizing customer relationship. The startup has specialized on developing and marketing intelligent software as service solutions for co-creation and text analysis.

SmartMunk’s software supports marketing, sales and new product development in companies. Big text data (e.g. from customer feedback) will be condensed semantically and displayed in concise visual analyses to let you easily read the «story» at one sight. SmartMunk`s intuitive software tools show what’s really on customer’s mind and are well proven in practice. We call this «Voice-of-the-Customer Intelligence». Anyone who uses SmartMunk’s products gains essential competitive advantages: Listen and understand your customers will help to make customers happy and will lead to better deals.
The SmartMunk GmbH was founded  by Andera Gadeib & Volker Gadeib in 2012.

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