We know that logo development is a difficult task.

You need to be creative, but also make sure you consider all perspectives and audiences. We’ve found an innovative way to help you with this process with FeedMap.

If you haven’t used testing in your logo development yet, you should start. With different methods and tools, you can get different meaningful statements about how your logo variants are received by the corresponding target groups.

In a few simple steps, you can test variations of your logo with as many participants as you like and get an accurate assessment of how your audience responds to it, without having to conduct traditional surveys or variant tests.

With FeedMap you get pixel-perfect feedback on your logo, as well as qualitative insights thanks to integrated text mining software.

Advantages over traditional variant testing

Often in logo development, variants are tested in the form of conventional surveys. In this case, you usually get feedback on the variant as a whole and not necessarily valuable statements on sub-areas.

With FeedMap, participants*inner of the survey have the possibility to select areas pixel-exactly and to evaluate them positively or negatively, as well as to comment freely.

This gives you direct visual feedback in real time and allows you to see at a glance which areas of your design or logo are well or less well received by the target group.

Intuitive heatmap evaluation

The areas marked and evaluated by participants are already visible as semi-transparent areas directly on your logo variants during the ongoing surveys. The intuitive heatmap display allows you to see at a glance which areas are well and less well received by the target group.

Qualitative feedback

The free-text comment function provides you with qualitative feedback on the exact sub-areas. Evaluating free-text content is a not insignificant challenge in conventional surveys and often a resource-intensive task.

Thanks to the integrated text mining software – powered by Storyly – you also receive qualitative insights in real time and thanks to the intuitively understandable text evaluation you can identify the key statements of the participants* at first glance.

You can use FeedMap free of charge to test it before use. We would also be happy to give you more information about how we developed this software and what other uses there are for the tool: Just drop us an email!

Survey generator included

With FeedMap you can precede the actual design test with a survey. You can use predefined questions, e.g. concerning demographics, or create as many of your own questions and answer options as you like.

You can then categorize and filter the evaluation according to the relevant questions and answers. This allows you to intuitively see for which parts of the target group, individual areas work well or less well.

Data security and privacy

Participation is completely anonymous for respondents. Our software is still not only developed in Aachen, but also operated on site in the local data center. This way, we not only offer you the highest possible security for your data, but also ensure data protection compliance with the relevant standards, such as the DSGVO.

Try Feedmap now for free

We would like to invite you to test FeedMap for free for an unlimited period of time and use it for your logo development.

More questions

Or do you have any further questions? We would be happy to show you all features during a free webinar or a personal appointment. Just contact us – we are looking forward to helping you.

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FeedMap: New approach to logo development

FeedMap: New approach to logo development

FeedMap: New approach to logo development